1. Youth Project (A Progressing Youth)

Themes : Holistic youth a great/Strong economy.

This project involves spreading of the word of God, Skills training (carer guidance on vocational skills), Entrepreneur skills, New agriculture development skills and agribusiness skills and Leadership classes, financial and saving, planning classes.

We want to spread the word of God to all those that are still in darkness and Conduct Skills training. We plan to offer career guidance on vocational skills for the youth to be equipped with the skills they need to survive in this world. Skills will range from new agriculture development and agribusiness skills, leadership classes, financial, saving and planning classes. This project takes place between Feb 26 - 28th every year

2. Child Education (Scholastic materials support to poor pupils).

Stay in school Child (6-17 years) and it takes place between 27th - 28th April every year.

Theme : Promoting good hygiene, Nutrition and sanitation in rural schools.

This project involves knowledge of the word of God, A Parenting day ( hygiene and sanitation , nutrition skill, openness, Friendliness, and love to their children) and a pupils session day ( carer guidance, personal nutrition and hygiene , environment and sanitation both at home and school.)

3. Hospital Project

Theme: Celebrating a mother with a living child

This project involves supporting rural pregnant mothers with mama kits and fruits, clothes among others and it takes place in August every year.

Our Hospital program focuses on supporting rural pregnant mothers with basic needs such as Mama kits, Fruits and clothes among other items. We intend to help them have safe delivery while having all they need.

4. Community Project

Theme : celebrating a rural African woman ( Mother).


This project involves the giving out of sanitary towels to young rural tanagers, Mama kits for pregnant mothers and Nutrition tips to mothers and knowledge of keeping a healthy child. This project takes place in December.