Our Vision

Our Vision
Growing sustainable Christ-established communities, associating with the neediest and suffering, making disciples who follow and love God.

Our Mission
To Change the lives’ of underprivileged and marginalized people, and to make true Disciples of Christ as we demonstrate His Love in practical ways among those with the greatest spiritual and physical needs.

Our Goal is reaching communities with practical love through charity.


Kugusa Moyo International is a charity group comprising of youths. With one goal, of creating a positive impact and to change needy and vulnerable life in communities. Our activities include preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus through the practical love of God. We have changed and touched a number of people's lives: underprivileged children, women, and other groups of marginalized people in communities. We analyze the current problems of our local people and come up with possible sustainable solutions on how to help them and solve the problem.

We are handling sensitive issues like gender violence among children and women, Health/sanitation mobilization, environmental protection, child health/child rights, career guidance/skills development among youth, promoting and advocating for child education among children of 6 years to17. Hence reaching marginalized groups of people in the local communities.