1 Child Education (Child protection)
These are barriers and interventions respectively.

Violence both domestic and at school
* Physical violence (the majority of young people 6 in 10 females (59%) and 7 in 10 males(68%) experienced physical violence)
* Sexual violence (Among 18-24 years of age, 1 in 3 females (35%) and I in 6 males (17%) experience sexual violence)
* Bulling violence (almost every child goes through bullying in school).
* Emotional violence (among 18-24-years of age, 1 in 3 experience some form of emotional or verbal violence).

* Starting and Empowering school clubs
* Empowering scripture unions (Preaching against and condemning bullying).

Norms and Culture
* Negative mind about educating a girl child
* Early child marriage
* Early sex indulging among boys

* Promoting and advocating for: going, retention, and finishing of school by a girl child
* Educating on the evils of early sexual indulging
* Educating, sensitizing on the evil effect and illegal effects of child marriages.
* Speaking to parents, teachers students, and the community on sexuality.

* Hardly access even the simple basic needs
* Walk long distances to schools and reach very tired
* Go to school on barefoot and empty stomachs
* Sleep very badly and wake up tired and sleepy in class
* It forces to child labor
Teenage pregnancies. (Interventions for teenage pregnancies, Fighting Child marriage, Concept of reproductive health, Mindset change).

* Economic strengthening
* Chicken layering in the Long run(we give each child a local hen and a cock)
* Giving scholastic materials and clothes and other support for a short term(first year only).

2 Youth livelihood (community project)
* Mindset change
* Encouraging skills and talent development.
* Encouraging vocational studies.

3 women and single young mother community empowerment (livelihood community project)
* Financial empowerment ( women saving, agriculture, crafts & small trade clubs) long term.
* Giving mama kits, clothes to single vulnerable mothers & Hiv/Aids infected mothers (short term).
* Nutritional training/studies and growing simple easy vegetables/fruits (for feeding and selling).